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How WiFi Scanner Genius Helps You Understand Your WiFi Connection

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These days, there are a myriad of WiFi scanning solutions available and even more apps designed to read packet capture (pcap) files. So why did we make WiFi Scanner? What sets us apart from the rest?

Apart from being one of the earliest to implement support for scanning in the newly-available 6 GHz frequency range, our flagship feature is Genius. WiFi is an ever-present force in all of our lives, but it’s still a daunting task to really understand how it works and what makes a reliable, strong wireless internet connection. 


WFS Genius Generic


With Genius, WiFi Scanner interprets the data pulled in from the surrounding RF environment into actionable information for regular users in the form of alerts, warnings, and tips flagged by priority. You can easily filter the Genius tab to see what might be slowing down your connection, and every Genius alert links to a support article where we explain in more detail. This even works with opening pcap files.


WiFi Scanner is here to help you diagnose your WiFi network. Although many apps are great at telling you what you probably already know, WiFi Scanner goes beyond just giving you the data and makes recommendations on how to improve the security, performance, and configuration of your wireless network. From signal issues and channel planning, to identifying rogue APs, WiFi Scanner will guide you through it all.


This app is specifically designed to help you diagnose and optimize your wireless network. Evaluate the current state of your WiFi connection, and get the data you need without having to understand how to interpret it. Then use our recommendations to fix any problems quickly.


See our video on the WiFi Scanner Genius feature below:


WiFi Scanner is the most accurate and intuitive WiFi scanner tool the market. With a quick scan, you can be sure that you are using the best security settings, that all of your devices are connected, and much more.


We want to put power in the hands of our users. We want as many people as possible to really understand WiFi. That’s why we created Genius.


Want to give WiFi Scanner a try? Start for free at the link below:

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