Federal Aviation Administration Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks Master Ordering Agreement (eFAST MOA)


To provide a fast and effective contract vehicle for a broad range of comprehensive professional, technical, and support services and solutions for the FAA and, on a limited basis, other Government Agencies. eFAST is a multi-year MOA program offering a wide array of labor categories with fixed ceiling rates.


Small Business Goals

eFAST is the FAA’s preferred acquisition vehicle for fulfilling Agency Small Business goals



FAA and on a limited basis other Government Agencies


Contract Task Order Types

Fixed Price, Cost Reimbursement, Time and Materials, and Labor Hours


Types of Services

Air Transport Support (ATS)
Business Admin & Management (BAM)
Engineering Services (ES)
Computer/Info Systems Development (CSD)
Computer Systems Support (CSS)
Documentation & Training (D&T)
Maintenance & Repair (M&R)

MOA Contract Holders List

FAA eFAST MOA Contract Holders (MS Excel)

Pricing By Functional Area

Air Transportation Services (ATS) (MS Excel)
Business Administration Management (BAM) (MS Excel)
Research and Development (RD) (MS Excel)
Engineering Services (ES) (MS Excel)
Computer Systems Development (CSD) (MS Excel)
Computer Systems Support (CSS) (MS Excel)
Documentation and Training (DT) (MS Excel)
Maintenance and Repair (MR) (MS Excel)