bridgechecker-114.png BridgeChecker

BridgeChecker is a Windows and Mac OS utility that can automatically disable/enable wireless interfaces on network devices.

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Windows | Mac OS


wifiperf professional WiFiPerf Professional

WiFiPerf Professional is a bandwidth performance measurement app for Mac OS. It can operate as a testing client that connects to different testing servers.

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Mac OS
 Free Trail WiFiPerf Professional for Mac OS


wfscan-114.png WiFi Scanner

WiFi Scanner is an all-in-one WiFi network troubleshooter that scans and graphs available networks, tests connection speeds, and scans for individuals on a network.

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Windows | Mac OS
 Free Trail WiFi Scanner Windows


wifiperf-ios-v7.png WiFiPerf

WiFiPerf is a bandwidth performance measurement app for iOS.  It utilizes the iPerf3 code to test your network speeds!

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Download the Free WiFiPerf EndPoints


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