bridgechecker-114.pngBridgeChecker is a WiFi auto switch utility for Windows and Mac OS that can automatically disable/enable wireless interfaces. Whenever your computer is connected to an Ethernet port and the link state is good, the utility can automatically turn off the IEEE 802.11 wireless network interface. This conserves IP address allocation, reduces security risks, resolves dual interface routing issues, and prolongs battery life.


BridgeChecker Features

  • Custom NIC selection for automatic enable/disable feature
  • Manual interface enable/disable mode using desktop shortcut
  • Disable adapters on PC shutdown / boot up
  • Interface detection based on Windows hardware device name
  • Hide notification area icon (sometimes referred to as system tray icon)
  • Software will run as a service to bypass Windows UAC issues
  • Flexible licensing options (personal/non-commercial and company/commercial)
  • Deploy software and configuration settings using MSI file and options
  • Admin password to change configuration
  • Option to whitelist adapters (e.g., virtual adapters, VPN adapters, VMware adapters)
  • Support for 32 bit and 64 bit Operating Systems 

Features in BridgeChecker for Windows

  • Automatically detect wired and wireless adapters for enabling and disabling
  • Default operation mode after install will disable wireless if wired connected
  • Allow Windows 7 standard user account to enable/disable adapters using Desktop shortcut
  • Disable wireless on bootup / shutdown



Mac OS X 10.6 or later

Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10 (all versions require Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5)


Recommended Usage Scenarios

The program can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Disable wireless card when connected to LAN via Ethernet
  • Disable connected wireless USB Adapters when connected to LAN via Ethernet
  • Enable only one network adapter at a time
  • Automatically disable wireless card when connected to LAN
  • Disable wireless when Ethernet cable plugged in
  • Disable Wireless adapter automatically when there is a LAN
  • Automatically turn off wireless
  • Disable wireless when hard wired
  • Prevent multiple Simultaneous Network Connections
  • Disable wireless when LAN is connected
  • Prevent wireless intrusion by eliminating dual homed devices
  • Disable WLAN on LAN connection
  • Turn off Wireless on laptop
  • Turn off wireless when LAN connect
  • Disable wireless when on physical network (LAN)
  • Prevent bridged networks
  • Disable wireless on Ethernet
  • Enable/disable wireless automatically
  • Disable wireless when cable connected
  • Disable WiFi when connected to a wired physical network
  • Swapping between wireless and wired networking
  • How to auto disable wireless on wired/LAN connect
  • Wireless automatically turn off when wired
  • Auto switch network connection
  • How to auto-switch wireless and lan on windows 7