Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) Program

AccessAgility began working with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in 2008, tasked with implementing a comprehensive wireless (802.11) security monitoring and management system across key air traffic control, regional office and headquarters locations.

AccessAgility recommended and implemented a Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) solution based on wireless security recommendations from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the FAA’s own requirement for a centrally managed Information Systems Security (ISS) solution capable of enterprise detection and mitigation posed by unauthorized wireless devices.

We continue to provide technical and program support for the Wireless Intrusion Detection System (WIDS) program and also support the Cyber Security Management Center (CSMC) with network security event detection and analysis.

In 2011, AccessAgility was recognized for our contribution to FAA's Wireless Intrusion Detection System program with a FAA AIO Award of Excellence.