WiFi Scanner - A WiFi Explorer and Analyzer for Windows

What does a WiFi explorer for Windows do? WiFi Scanner, a WiFi explorer for Windows, is an application that lets you scan and analyze your WiFi. It gives you detailed statistics about the surrounding networks, including their names (SSID), signal strength, channels and security settings. You can use it with your computer's built-in wireless adapter, an external USB card or a remote Linux-based sensor.

Some people might ask, "Why scan for WiFi when you can explore the WiFi?" The reality is that there are two primary methods of WiFi discovery on Windows: active scanning and passive scanning. Without scanning for WiFi first there would be nothing to explore.

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What is a WiFi scanner?

WiFi Scanner is a WiFi explorer, WiFi finder and WiFi analyzer application for Windows. The program scans all available WiFi channels (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, 6E / 6 GHz) to determine the signal strength of all nearby wireless access points. Additionally, it shows detailed information about each nearby network.


WiFi Scanner, A WiFi Explorer for Windows



How does WiFi scanning work on Windows 10 and 11?

WiFi scanning is a process by which a client device finds access points to connect to. The two types of scanning that all WiFi capable devices use to discover access points are called passive and active scanning.

The reason for client scanning is to determine a suitable access point to which the client may need to roam now or in the future. A client can use two scanning methods: active and passive. During an active scan, the client radio transmits a probe request and listens for a probe response from an AP. With a passive scan, the client radio listens on each channel for beacons sent periodically by an AP. A passive scan generally takes more time, since the client must listen and wait for a beacon versus actively probing to find an AP.

WiFi scanning applications take advantage of this Windows discovery process to display access points in a easy to read format.

What is a WiFi explorer?

Many people ask us if WiFi Scanner for Windows is a WiFi explorer for Windows. If you need a software product that scans for WiFi and then you are probably looking for a WiFi Scanner. If you want more than a WiFi Scanner and also need analysis software, WiFi Scanner does that also. WiFi Scanner has a Genius feature (video below), where we analyze the WiFi scan results and provide users with actionable information.

WiFi scanners are typically used by IT professionals who need to troubleshoot wireless networking problems or just find out which wireless networks are available in their area. They can be used to see what kind of encryption is being used on nearby networks, whether they have been secured with encryption, the signal strength of each network, whether it's broadcasting an SSID (service set identifier) or not, and so on.

A lot of people think that if they have an issue with their wireless network they should use a WiFi Scanner to fix it—like our app here.


WiFi Scanner, a 6E / 6 GHz WiFi explorer and analyzer for Windows

WiFi Scanner leverages the capabilities of Windows 10 and 11 for 6 GHz WiFi scanning by using compatible 6E / GHz adapters. WiFi Scanner works with any modern laptop that has a 6E/6 GHz capable WiFi adapter. If you're looking to upgrade your old laptop's WiFi capabilities, don't worry: you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new computer! Just upgrade older laptops to 6E / 6 GHz with a low cost investment versus having to upgrade the entire laptop.


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