Information Security and Risk Management provide support for security planning, architecture, and information assurance. This includes support for development, administration, and a security program for all AccessAgility facilities and systems. Our service areas include Security Services and Continuity of Operations/Disaster Recovery.

Security Services

The initial objectives of Security Services are to:

  • Enhance management control and continuously improve the system
  • Detect, record, analyze, report and act upon security incidents, and minimize the probability of occurrence by applying intrusion testing and active monitoring
  • Collect and analyze information on new threats and vulnerabilities and promptly communicate and implement adequate mitigating controls

Continuity of Operations / Disaster Recovery Services

AccessAgility’s disaster recovery plan addresses the planning for and managing of disasters, crises, and contingencies by preventing them whenever possible and managing their effects when they cannot be prevented.

Our system includes a developed and implemented operations and disaster recovery plan with testing, training, and continuous improvements that address the immediate and long-term needs of clients.