AccessAgility specializes in Information Technology (IT) services that increase customer efficiency and effectiveness in support of AccessAgility’s mission, vision, and goals. This includes our ability to offer services that result in proactive and coordinated responses to the Federal Government and commercial customers.  We provide a consistent high-level of service throughout the enterprise and continuously increase the knowledge of customers in their use of IT and application missions. Our Customer Care consists of End-User Service Center Services, Desktop Management Services, and Collaboration Services.

End User Services

End User Services are also known as help desk services that provide end-to-end visibility into customer issues across the enterprise. AccessAgility’s roles in practicing these services include the following:

  • Improving IT customer service and incident resolution
  • Establishing effective help desk support and services for our clients
  • Providing timely and accurate initial assessments, root-cause analysis, and risk and problem management
  • Adopting provider-leveraged knowledge data-bases and best practices in reporting critical information to customers, such as usage, logging, tracking, resolving of IT incidents, and service requests
  • Recommending improvements and streamlining processes in order to enhance efficiency and reliability of Government equipment and systems
  • Build solutions that provide planning, analysis, and reporting capabilities to clients

Desktop Management Services

Desktop Management Services facilitate the management of AccessAgility’s end-user devices to cover the entire life cycle of the desktop environment. The initial objectives for Desktop Management Services are the following:

  • Sustain end-user satisfaction with increasing improvements
  • Reduce downtime or increase end-user productivity through desktop management best practices
  • Implement best practices, asset management tools, and methodologies
  • Support business initiatives of our clients

AccessAgility provides support and services for operations and administration in the following areas:

  • End-user devices
  • Installations of wired and wireless infrastructures
  • Operational monitoring
  • Tier 2 & 3 technical support
  • Break/fix services
  • Image configuration and management
  • End-user productivity software and planning
  • Management of projects

Collaboration Services

As a robust Small Business, AccessAgility supports a geographically-disperse organization of users across the nation and in remote locations. In order to fulfill our clients’ needs, we use effective tools and technologies for virtual collaboration in order to sustain a decentralized organization and capabilities that meet our business users’ requirements. These services allow for greater interaction, adaptability to existing systems, and knowledge-sharing across our company.

AccessAgility ensures our clients and employees engage in the following areas:

  • Rich collaborative interactions, such as dynamic shared workspaces, social networks or ad hoc communities-of-practice
  • Collaborative tools and technologies that deliver business value and align with AccessAgility’s mission, vision, and strategic priorities
  • Comprehensive, mutually reinforcing, collaborative computing environment