Information We Collect About Visitors

The web servers automatically log information about site visitors, which may include their IP address, time and date of visit, pages requested, any errors they received, and (if possible) any search keywords they used to find this site. We also keep a record of the search terms that visitors type into the "search" box on many of the pages on this site.

What We Do With This Information

All of the information and metrics that we collect about users is anonymous in nature, and we use it to help us understand how people use our site. We do not, have not, and will never sell, rent, or otherwise make this information available to anyone outside of AccessAgility, unless we're required to do so by law.

Information That You Provide

There are several areas of this site where visitors can provide information to us via web forms. (i.e. signing up for seminars, information requests, etc.) In all cases, we use the information only for the purposes clearly outlined in the form. We do not ever sell, rent, or make any names available to anyone outside of AccessAgility.