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WiFi Deployment Project Plan

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A typical WiFi deployment project plan can be divided into four stages: requirements gathering, WiFi site design, configuration & installation, and service turn up & acceptance.

The amount of time in number of days or years for each step can vary based on project size and complexity. A good project plan will have some elements of all the stages above. Below is a summary of the steps in each stage or download the WiFi Deployment Project Plan for free.

You can also check out our WiFi Design Guide. If you plan to outsource the work to a WiFi specialist, contact us using form below.

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Requirements Gathering

Gather WiFi Environment Requirements

The goal is for all parties to understand the purpose of the WiFi network and its requirements.

  1. Kick-off meeting to discuss requirements
  2. Confirm services / capabilities of internal or external groups involved
  3. Create project plan to document / collect all related information
  4. Collect a Site Survey questionnaire and a floor plan for all areas that require WiFi


WiFi Site Design

Predictive Site Survey DesignPre-Deployment Site Survey with AP on A Stick

Various offsite and onsite methods are used to design the appropriate solution and estimate costs.

  1. Predictive site survey / simulation to estimate access point count and placement
  2. Budgetary estimate provided for WiFi project
  3. Provide level of effort / quote for pre-deployment site survey / access point on a stick (APaoS) survey
  4. Conduct on site survey to determine access point counts and locations
  5. Generate WiFi design report with access point locations, equipment needed
  6. Finalize level of effort / quote for installation and equipment
  7. Have project discussion meeting to confirm timeline for install


Configuration & Installation

WiFi Network ConfigurationWiFi Equipment Installation

  1. Order equipment and material needed for installation
  2. Plan any upgrades / changes needed to prepare for installation (cabling, IP addresses, switches, POE, power, etc)
  3. Configure equipment on site or off site
  4. Install WiFi equipment
  5. Document as-built network


Service Turn Up & Acceptance

WiFi Network Verification and Documentation

  1. Service turn up
  2. Post deployment verification WiFi survey
  3. Tune WiFi network as needed
  4. Application / use case testing
  5. Final documentation of network settings and equipment configuration
  6. WiFi network acceptance by owners / customers
  7. Training WiFi network owners / operators on equipment


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