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iPerf vs iPerf3

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iPerf is an open source software utility available for many operating systems. iPerf3 is used to measures the available TCP and UDP bandwidth along a path between two hosts and can be used for wired and wireless testing.

When using iPerf there is usually a sender/client (iPerf -c ) and a receiver/server (iPerf -s).

iPerf Set Up: Sender to Reciever

 From the sender/client side many options are available for controlling testing. To view all testing options run the iPerf -help command.

The easiest way to confirm the version of iPerf is to run iperf -v command in terminal/command line mode. 

When someone mentions iPerf, it isn't clear if they are referring to the original version of iPerf (now known as iPerf1) or just referring to any version of iPerf. Below are the three versions of iPerf.

  • iPerf1 – 1.1.x to 1.7 (last updated 2003)
  • iPerf2 – 2.x – 2.0.5 (last updated 2016-09-08)
  • iPerf3 – 3.0.1 – 3.1.6 released 2017-02-02

Note: iPerf vesions are not compatible with each other.  Make sure to select the version supported by the software/equipment being used during testing.


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