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How To Fix WiFi Problems In 2 Easy Steps

[fa icon="calendar"] Nov 2, 2020 11:10:53 PM / by Blog Team

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When WiFi works it is awesome but when it doesn't it can be very frustrating. In almost all cases a few quick steps can solve most issues.

Almost everyone has experienced the following WiFi issues.

  • No connection to the Internet
  • Slow connection to the Internet
  • Computer or mobile phone not connecting to WiFi
  • Disconnects / unstable WiFi connection
  • Slow WiFi speed test results
  • Unstable Zoom connection
  • Failed Zoom connection
  • Slow Gmail loading or downloading

If you are experiencing the following WiFi problems then these two steps are the best place to start when troubleshooting your WiFi connection.

  1. Reboot your WiFi router or access point unplugging the power, waiting 1 minute, and plugging it back in. When you computer, phone, or tablet connects to the Internet is it actually going through the router and if you are experiencing issues is it could be because the router are not working correctly. The router is specialized computer and the power cycling process restarts the router and three important services services below.

    • DHCP Server
    • DNS Server
    • WiFi Access Point
    • Internet Routing
  2. Reboot your computer or other device and reconnect to WiFi. After the reboot completes, reconnect to the WiFi if it doesn't automatically. The reconnection process will force the device to refresh the following settings from the router.
    • Connect WiFi (aka association and authentication to WiFi)
    • IP address (from the DHCP Server)
    • DNS IP address (from the DNS Server)
    • Path to Internet (default gateway, routing, etc)
If the above steps didn't help then more advance diagnostics are needed to troubleshoot your WiFi. Follow the steps in this knowledge base article and send report file to We will analyze the report and send you recommendations on how to fix issues.


Blog Team

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