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Cloud Managed WiFi and FedRAMP

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The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is a government-wide program that assesses, authorizes, and monitors cloud products and services. The program’s main goal is to ensure that cloud products and services are entirely secure, while reducing the time and money that any individual agency would spend self-assessing a provider’s security.

Additional goals and benefits of the FedRAMP program are as follows:



Accelerate the adoption of secure cloud solutions through reuse of assessments and authorizations.

Increases re-use of existing security assessments across agencies.

Increase confidence in security of cloud solutions.

Saves significant cost, time and resources – "do once, use many times."

Achieve consistent security authorizations using a baseline set of agreed upon standards to be used for Cloud product approval in or outside of FedRAMP.

Improves real-time security visibility.

Ensure consistent application of existing security practices.

Provides a uniform approach to risk-based management.

Increase confidence in security assessments.

Enhances transparency between government and cloud service providers (CSPs).

Increase automation and near real-time data for continuous monitoring.

Improves the trustworthiness, reliability, consistency, and quality of the Federal security authorization process.



Cloud Managed WiFi and FedRAMP

The migration of on-premises WiFi management technologies to the cloud has increased over the last five years and federal government agencies have the opportunity to save money and time by adopting innovative cloud managed WiFi services to meet their critical mission needs.

Agencies are required by law to protect any federal information that is collected, maintained, processed, disseminated, or disposed of by cloud service offerings, in accordance with FedRAMP requirements.

Cloud managed WiFi service providers, known as cloud service providers (CSPs) in regards to FedRAMP,  need to implement and abide by the security requirements set forth by FedRAMP, including additional controls that ensure that all federal data is secure within cloud environments. CSPs work with approved third party assessment organizations (3PAO) that audit and assess their cloud system. Once authorized to operate, CSPs are eligible for procurement by all federal agencies.


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