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Certified 5G LAN Specialist

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c5s-smallPrivate LTE and 5G

As an alternative to traditional WiFi or network cabling, private LTE and 5G networks are dedicated, private networks that use licensed, shared, or unlicensed wireless spectrum and LTE or 5G cellular networking infrastructure to transmit voice and data between users. Private LTE and 5G networks offer greater control over user equipment and service design than public networks.

Private LTE and 5G networks work the same as public LTE and 5G networks operated by Verizon, AT&T, Vodafone, and other Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The infrastructure carries data to internal network over a secured wired connection. To transmit data back to the edge devices, the same process happens in reverse.

As these private networks become more in demand, expertise will be needed to design, install, and manage these networks for organizations. The CWNP, an organization that is well known for WiFi training and certifications, is partnering with a well known private 5G equipment vendor to offer a 5G course and certification.

Certified 5G LAN Specialist (C5S) Course and Exam

The Certified 5G LAN Specialist (C5S) course and certification exam are provided as a service to the CWNP community. However, the certification and learning materials are developed and maintained by Celona. While this course and certification are hosted by CWNP, CWNP did not develop the course or certification and support is provided by Celona.

5G LAN refers to the deployment of cellular wireless connectivity in private organizations, tightly integrated within the existing enterprise IT infrastructure and utilizing private cellular spectrum.

The C5S course provides learners with a vendor-neutral introduction to 5G LANs. This course starts with ensuring the attendee has a solid understanding of the fundamental concepts for private spectrum options, cellular wireless technology benefits, and key application drivers. The C5S course then builds towards providing the attendee with a comprehensive understanding of the functions and capabilities of a 5G LAN.

The C5S course is suitable for decision-makers and technical advisers from both the IT and telecom industries. This course is also ideal for application integrators that leverage 5G LANs and other technologies to deliver a business solution.

This course helps attendees prepare for the Certified 5G LAN Specialist online exam and certification. The Certified 5G LAN Specialist (C5S) is a foundational certification that validates an individual's knowledge and skill in advising organizations on 5G LAN deployments. The C5S certification is valid for three years.

Course Objectives
List the business needs that 5G LANs satisfy, distinct from other wireless solutions
Discuss the technical benefits and considerations of deploying 5G LANs
Understand the terminology and concepts used in 5G LANs
Describe the key functions and capabilities of a 5G LAN
Identify the major functional components of a 5G LAN
Understand shared spectrum and regulatory requirements in various countries
Recommend on end user device selection given business and technical use cases

To sign up for the free course and exam, go to this link.


This certification is designed for those individuals who are responsible for the planning and design of 5G private LANs, as well as for technicians and engineers who install, maintain and troubleshoot both wired and wireless equipment in a private cellular network environment.

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