WiFiPerf Endpoints (iPerf3 -s)

WiFiPerf Endpoints for Network Bandwidth Testing

WiFiPerf Endpoints run a server (iPerf3 -s) only and are intended to be paired with WiFiPerf or iPerf3 clients (iPerf3 -c) for testing. It will also record a log of the test results. 

Download an Endpoint and use its IP Address in WiFiPerf or iPerf3 available for:

  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows

Some use cases:

  • Wired links / back haul throughput testing
  • Max throughput of a client or AP
  • WiFi project acceptance testing
  • Client count vs throughput testing
  • Traffic generator for spectrum analysis
  • Background traffic for QoS for testing
  • PTP / bridge link alignment / throughput testing
  • Client throughput vs distance from AP
  • 20 MHz, 40, 80 MHz channel BW comparison
  • Minimum data rates comparison


iPerf Compatibility

WiFiPerf will work with any operating system that supports iPerf3.

Note: iPerf3 is not the same or compatible with iPerf, iPerf2 or jPerf.


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