JetList LogoMeetings, discussions, emails and tasks. Since the beginning of AccessAgility’s inception, our mission has been about solving problems for our customers. But we were often faced with the problem of managing various tasks and being distracted from our real work.
We needed a tool with a feature to set due dates and reminders for our task list items. We needed a way to assign task items to our team members in order to stay organized with everything they had on their plates. We needed something that would fit nicely into our project delivery process and accommodate our fast-growing business needs.
JetList – a simple yet powerful app helps us manage tasks at AccessAgility. It has really helped improve how we collaborate and keep things organized at work. Most task management tools on the market look at tasks as either “done” or “not done”. This doesn’t quite align with how we do project-based work at AccessAgility.
We wanted an app that would allow us to plan, make decisions and track progress in an easy-to-use manner. It had to be an app that could be used by both our internal teams as well as by clients externally. 
JetList offers all of the following:
  • Select from 6 progress levels
  • Set a category and level of priority
  • Quickly write tasks in-line
  • Assign and delegate tasks to other people
  • Reassign tasks
  • Assign tasks to a group to complete as a team
  • Attach images and videos to tasks

Visit JetList product website here.

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