Check out our WiFi Design guide for wireless network deployment recommendations and requirements needed to implement WLAN solutions in large campuses.

WiFi Design Guide

NaaS - Network as a Service

WiFi as a Service (WaaS), Network as a Service (Naas) and Managed WiFi, can encompass a wide range of services to meet any customer’s needs.




WiFi Design

Our network experts can design updates for existing networks or build new ones.  Services include consulting, plans for implementation, and WiFi surveys.



Build & Install

Core activities are cabling, access point installation, and integration of Internet service and WiFi network configuration.



Network Operations

Networks of all kinds need monitoring, security, updates to hardware/software, troubleshooting and optimization to keep them fast, safe, and reliable.


Featured Product

BridgeChecker for Windows is an easy-to-implement background application that can automatically disable/enable wireless interfaces for Windows devices on enterprise wireless networks.  Powerful, useful, but simple.

NEW FEATURE: Install parameter added for whitelisting specific adapters for Version 1.9.8 Build 705!

A Blog About BridgeChecker for Windows

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AccessAgility Blog

Our blog covers a wide range of tech topics, concentrated in the WiFi field.  We enjoy writing about the latest trends and technologies being developed for enterprise WiFi deployment, as well as discussing the How To's / Basics of providing WiFi to businesses.

These topics fall into a few categories:

  • WiFi Design
  • Building & Installing WiFi
  • Managing & Monitoring Wireless Networks
  • WiFi Tools & Equipment
  • Miscellaneous

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