Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic Command’s Scalable Workflow Automation Tool (SWAT)

The Scalable Workforce Automation Tool (SWAT) is used to configure, develop, and support the integration of the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Atlantic Command’s business processes by automating the data flow through each of the business process and alleviate the work flow burden on the workforce. The Command will be documenting the required data elements within the processes and tools in order to optimize the process to the greatest extent possible.

SWAT will draw data from multiple authoritative and local data sources to meet the Command requirements and address key performance indicators. SWAT is to provide a single point of data entry and viewing, allowing the data elements to move seamlessly between personnel and systems, decreasing the need for multiple manual data entry points and giving visibility to where actions are in process.

For example, these data sources include, but are not limited to, an analytical/business intelligence suite, transactional data store, and multiple elements of local data (e.g., PDF, Excel, and Word files). SWAT will include an objectively documented analysis, comparison of alternatives and recommendation to address certain deficiencies with data workflow across the Command, initially focused on contract strategy through advanced planning and human resources processes with pertinent authoritative sources required to present an accurate assessment of

AccessAgility partnered with Appian to provide NIWC with  a no-code / low-code solution to support this requirement.

AccessAgility is on the front lines of this type of work.

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