Sending Updated Quotes via Email Not Permitted

We are no longer permitted to send updated quotes via email. SEWP has a way to request an updated quote from us without opening up
RFQ to everyone.

Uploading Updated Quotes via SEWP

The person posting the RFQ received our quote through the NASA SEWP quote request tool (QRT) interface. If an updated quote is needed to correct an issue or update the quote expiration date or any other changes an "Updated Quote Request" will need to be initiated through the QRT.

The SEWP Quote Request Tool (QRT) provides customers with a simple and preferred method to request an updated quote directly in the QRT, from one or more Contract Holders of their choice. Upon receipt of the request, Contract Holders should provide the quote within one business day.

To request an updated quote, perform the following steps:

  1. After the request period has ended, log into the Quote Request Tool (QRT).

  2. From your RFQs displayed, click the ‘Action’ dropdown menu alongside the desired RFQ and select ‘Quotes’ to display the quotes provided by the Contract Holders.

  3. Click the ‘Request Updated Quote’ button, found next to the desired Contract Holder’s quote and a pop-up box will appear.

  4. Within the pop-up box, provide a reason for the request and click the ‘Request Updated Quote’ button to send to the request to the Contract Holder.

  5. The default due date/time for an updated quote request is 24 hours and can be customized.
Once we have an updated quote from the supplier we will upload it.
See this link for the process SEWP requires us to follow.