“Authorized Resellers” are a common approach in the federal market, but the terminology is ill-defined or more precisely multi-defined. Industry’s usage of this phrase ranges from a formal vetting process that has significant supply chain risk mitigation; to a formal business process used primarily to reduce or eliminate competition and control pricing with no supply chain risk benefit; to having little to no actual meaning.

The process involved in verifying and assigning authorization are as varied as the meaning. Overemphasis of the term “Authorized Reseller” without proper context and verification and without accounting for the wide range of industry practices in this area can cause issues without reducing supply chain risk.

"Approved Reseller or Authorized Resellers" for the purposes of SEWP is more focused on supply chain risk mitigation and order fulfillment. The B2B arrangement between supplier or buyer/reseller can be formal or informal as long as supply chain risk is mitigated and the reseller can fulfill the order if awarded by government agency.

NASA SEWP Contract Program Office verifies "Approved Reseller" status at the the organization level via an email that is sent to a contact at the vendor organization (software publisher, services provider, or original equipment manufacturer). The email POC can not be a person employed by the distributor or aggregator.

The process is below.

  1. AccessAgility supplies NASA SEWP with a vendor POC that can verify that AccessAgility is approved to quote customers and fulfill orders.
  2. NASA SEWP sends an automated email to the POC explaining that AccessAgility has indicated that they are approved to quote and fulfill orders for vendor products directly or through a distribution channel.
  3. Vendors can agree (no action needed) or respond to NASA SEWP and explain reason that a relationship does not exist. NOTE: As mentioned above...this approved reseller email is not about a formal B2B arrangement but more focused on supply chain risk and order fulfillment.

If AccessAgility is sourcing pricing and products using the correct supply chain process (direct from supplier, distributor / two tier, etc) then ** no action is needed **.

Example of email that goes out to supplier/company name contact from chhelp@sewp.nasa.gov

-----Original Message-----
From: chhelp@sewp.nasa.gov <chhelp@sewp.nasa.gov>
Sent: Thursday, September 2, 2021 3:21 PM
To: Smith, John <john.smith@company.com>
Cc: xxxx@sewp.nasa.gov
Subject: SEWP: Provider Relationship with AccessAgility, LLC


This email is to inform you that AccessAgility, LLC has indicated that they have the following Supply Chain relationship with <Company Name> to quote and sell Products and/or Services from your company to the Federal Government:

If this information is accurate, no further action is required.

Approved Reseller

<Company Name> considers Federal Government sales through this reseller to be acceptable because they will obtain the products/services legitimately through an acceptable channel (direct, distribution or reseller).

AccessAgility, LLC Points of Contacts:
Program Manager Name: Zaib Kaleem
E-mail: xxx@accessagility.com
Initiator Name: Tom Jones
E-mail: xxxx@accessagility.com

However, if this relationship does not exist or you have questions or comments, please send an email chhelp@sewp.nasa.gov and we will have it corrected.

(301) 286-4555