library-of-congress-logo-512Library of Congress WiFi Network

The Library of Congress (LOC), an agency of the Legislative Branch of the Federal Government, is the world’s largest and most comprehensive library, maintaining a collection of more than 124 million items – many of them unique and irreplaceable – in more than 450 languages. It directly serves not only the Congress, but also the entire nation.

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is responsible for the LOC networks, telecommunications, architecture planning, policies, standards, implementation, and troubleshooting. OCIO staff is responsible for providing, operating, and maintaining IT networks and servers for various LOC service units in multiple Library buildings and work areas.

There was a need to expand and enhance the existing wireless network to cover the majority of the 4.2 million sq. ft. that make up the campus facilities. The current wireless local area network (WLAN) only supports guest clients and is only provided in select areas of the Library’s facilities.

Therefore, the need arose for an on-premise RF (radio frequency) site survey across all LOC campuses to analyze the WiFi signal strength, access point (AP) placement, and infrastructure (power, switch ports, etc.) needed throughout each LOC building.

AccessAgility was contracted to conduct a WLAN Site Survey to expand and enhance the existing covered areas. The survey included the following:

  • A passive RF site survey for 95% (ninety five percent), of the 4.2 million sq. ft., that is primarily utilized for office space and Library collections (books, artifacts, and equipment).
  • An active RF site survey for 5% (five percent) of the 4.2 million sq. ft., that is primarily used in auditoriums, exhibits and for special events.
  • Account for potential AP placement and potential cable paths for connectivity with special attention to ‘monument’ spaces and auditoriums where aesthetic equipment placement is necessary. Attention was paid to the high density of endpoint WiFi devices.
  • Provide an optional AP placement plan for voice grade WiFi and Small Cell (cellular) coverage,
  • Integration of generated coverage maps into Cisco Prime/Cisco Network Control System (NCS).

The place of performance for this contract consisted of each Library of Congress facility in the Washington DC Metropolitan area. These locations presented unique challenges that included taking into consideration historical areas that are under the control of the Architect of the Capitol, where APs could only be placed in specific designated areas separate from specialized restricted utility closets. The buildings where we performed this work is listed below.

  • Madison Building
  • Adams Building
  • Jefferson Building
  • Culpeper Campus
  • Alternate Computing Facility and Annex Buildings

AccessAgility is on the front lines of this type of work.

Our existing relationship with the US government has allowed us to bring Cisco WiFi and other IT products and services to multiple government agencies. We’re always looking to bring more service providers to the table. Want to work with us? Reach out here.