Marine Corps Recruiting Information Support System II (MCRISS II)

The Marine Corps Recruiting Command is responsible for finding volunteers to join the United States Marine Corps. In addition to recruiting, it also prepares recruits for United States Marine Corps Recruit Training or Officer Candidates School. There are about 3,000 Marine Corps recruiters operating out of 48 Recruiting Stations, 574 Recruiting Sub-Stations and 71 Officer Selection Sites.

MCRISS II is a customizable platform where recruiters can tailor their dashboards to help them perform their daily tasks. The app can be accessed by government employees even when they are offline in airplane mode and have unreliable connections. It uses cloud technology and can be used on government-issued cellphones, laptops and tablets.

AccessAgility partnered with Appian to provide USMC with low-code consulting services to support MCRISS II fielding efforts.

AccessAgility is on the front lines of this type of work.

Our existing relationship with the US government has allowed us to bring Appian and other IT products and services to multiple government agencies. We’re always looking to bring more service providers to the table. Want to work with us? Reach out here.