The Age of Digital Government Transformation

Defense Logistics AgencySoon to be gone are the days of government agencies using clunky, bogged down IT systems and databases. Leaders in the public sector see the breakthrough potential of modern technology, but few are satisfied with the pace at which their organizations are adapting. 


Gradually, this is beginning to  change. Government is moving toward low-code or no-code software solutions to fill in their digital gaps. Think of or these firms offer users the ability to create their own website with no coding required. Companies like Appian are offering the same concept to government agencies for: apps, platforms, and workflows that require little-to-no coding to implement.


This is the world of Digital Government Transformation. In all levels of government, agencies are undergoing digital transformation in order to deliver services and programs more efficiently and with more transparency. Menial tasks like waiting in line at the DMV are soon to be a thing of the past as more government services go digital. The automation of record keeping is now a highly sought-after service asset for government activities.


Estonia is known for its trailblazing in this field. Since the 2014 introduction of its e-Residency program, citizenship in Estonia is largely managed online. Access to government services, digital document signature, document verification, tax filing, and more are done completely online with an efficient centralized system. Governments around the world have noticed the benefits of this approach to government affairs and want in.


In the US, this transformation is taking place through light-code or no-code services. Considering the advancement of technology is often faster than the process of procurement and budgeting, organizations looking to provide these services will have to be quick and agile. Implementation will have to be carefully and thoughtfully carried out. Appian has made headways in this sector with their government contract solutions. They offer tools for requirements and award management, source selection, and clause automation. 


AccessAgility is on the front lines of this work. Our existing relationship with the US government has allowed us to bring Appian and other IT products and services to multiple government agencies. We’re always looking to bring more service providers to the table. Want to work with us? Reach out here.