WiFiPerf Network Bandwidth TesterWiFiPerf Network Bandwidth Performance Measurement AppWiFiPerf is an iPerf3 based bandwidth performance measurement app for iOS. It can operate as a client and/or server and is perfect for testing the speeds of a local network.


It was built for testing bandwidth to other devices, such as other desktops/laptops or mobile devices.  This ensures real-world network testing of actual devices within a network.  Test to and from devices with numerous test variables.


Built upon the open source iPerf3 software (available for many operating systems), WiFiPerf is able to measure the available TCP and UDP bandwidth along a path between two hosts.  This includes both wired and wireless devices on the network.


Some use cases:

  • Wired links / back haul throughput testing
  • Max throughput of a client or AP
  • WiFi project acceptance testing
  • Client count vs throughput testing
  • Traffic generator for spectrum analysis
  • Background traffic for QoS for testing
  • PTP / bridge link alignment / throughput testing
  • Client throughput vs distance from AP
  • 20 MHz, 40, 80 MHz channel BW comparison
  • Minimum data rates comparison


WiFiPerf Endpoints (iPerf3 -s)WiFiPerf Endpoints for Network Bandwidth Testing

WiFiPerf Endpoints run a server (iPerf3 -s) only and are intended to be paired with WiFiPerf or iPerf3 clients (iPerf3 -c) for testing. It will also record a log of the test results. 

Download an Endpoint and use its IP Address in WiFiPerf or iPerf3 available for:

  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows


iPerf Compatibility

WiFiPerf will work with any operating system that supports iPerf3.

Note: iPerf3 is not the same or compatible with iPerf, iPerf2 or jPerf.


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