wifiperf-114.pngwifiperf-mock.pngWiFiPerf is an iPerf3 based bandwidth performance measurement app for iOS, Android, and Mac OS X. It can operate as a client and/or server and is perfect for testing the speeds of a local network.


Testing scenarios with WiFiPerf:

  • Mac OS-to-Mac OS
  • iOS/Android-to-iOS/Android
  • iOS/Android-to-Mac OS

WiFiPerf Endpoints (iPerf3 -s)wifiperf-endpoints-mock.png

WiFiPerf Endpoints run a server (iperf3 -s) only and are intended to be paired with WiFiPerf or iPerf3 clients (iperf3 -c) for testing. It will also record a log of the test results. 

Download an Endpoint and use its IP Address in WiFiPerf or iPerf3 available for:

  • Mac OS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows


iPerf3 Compatibility

WiFiPerf will work with any operating system that supports iPerf 3.x

Note: iPerf3 is not the same or compatible with iPerf, iPerf2 or jPerf.

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