BridgeChecker for Windows Change Log


Last Updated: November 11th, 2019

# Windows Change Log

All notable changes to this project will be documented here.



- New Feature:  command line options added for updated/reinstall option. See user guide for details.

BridgeChecker v1.9.8_b709





-New Feature: Install parameter added for whitelisting specific adapters

BridgeChecker v1.9.7_b705





-Bug fixes
-Updated "PASSWORD_FILE_PATH" install issue

BridgeChecker v1.9.7_b703





-Updated a new installer to .exe so that future versions do not have to remove older versions during upgrade.
NOTE: It is recommended to clear previous versions and start with this installer fresh.
-Add new command line parameters, including manually adding adapters, setting On/Off Switch policy, etc.
-Bug fixes
BridgeChecker v1.9.7_b702



- fixes to reduce CPU load
BridgeChecker v1.9.6_b624



- Inputparam file is showing password in plain text.
- Also added "Sierra Wireless EM7455 Qualcomm Snapdragon X7 LTE-A" as Modem / tertiary adapter.
- Forceful disable of adapter if native API fails
- Disable adapter even if there's no mac address is associated with adapter
- One of the changes of some adapter name / unique id conflict that was causing adapters to not get enabled / disabled as it was fixed too.
BridgeChecker v1.9.4_b607


- Improved adapter detection logic
- Improved adapter enable/disable logic
BridgeChecker v1.9.3_b600



- This version deletes programdata folder completely during uninstall
- Updated to not save password and license key as clear text in program data folder
- Now there's only one USB adapter rule "Disable all USB adapters except Whitelisted". So any whitelisted USB adapter would remains as is and won't be disabled.
- Updated app to always update adapter name in DB to avoid adapter mismatch issue
- Updated app to auto logout from app settings if app is idle (settings window for more than 10min).
- Please note that if settings window is open it will also be closed.
- Added child rule to "If any primary adapter is connected...." as 

  • "Disable all other primary adapters if any first is connected". 
  • Enabling this rule will disable all primary adapters those are below the enabled adapter in ordering / priority 
  • By default this rule is disabled

- Adapter ordering - Since new rule require user to define the priority between adapters in same type / category so app has been updated to change the priority / ordering between adapters using Up / Down button. 

  • Default ordering between adapters are as they are found via System API. 




- Added options to enable/disable USB adapters



- Fixed issue where application was not able to find instance of secondary adapter from Win32_NetworkAdapter OS class preventing re-enabling of secondary/wireless adapter



- Updated app to have automatically retry three times if activation fails during silent install because of a failed response from license server
- Fixed issue where application was not able to register key from license window with first attempt




- Support for network proxy for license key validation server
- Suppress license key alert during installation



- Support for new license verification system